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Accounts & Finance Management System

Automate accounting and financial tasks using our cost and management accounting software

Forsa ERP has introduced Finance Management System to benefit all types of businesses. i.e., small, large and startups. Managing the finances of a company is a very challenging task and takes much work to increase profit. Therefore, this cloud-based software by ERP ensures to provide complete efficiency with reasonable accuracy.

It enables the companies to handle the accounts and finances of a company quickly. In addition, it allows the companies to favorably design the account activities along with the financial ins and outs.

This software includes adaptable features such as the trial balance, general ledger, payroll, and accounts payable. It functions as a financial reporting system in an organization. Finance Management System got designed with flexible features to make accountants’ work more feasibly.

The four modules provided by this software are Groups Sub-module, Ledgers Sub-module, Journal Entry Sub-Module, and Accounts Reports Sub-module. After their integration, the software is ready to work.

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The features of accounts software are numerous and assist a lot in their management. Following are the features:

It is the payment owed to a company for products or services. These products are provided or utilized but not yet paid for by consumers.

Accounts payable is the payment owed to vendors or suppliers for products or services not yet paid for.

Account Management features also include tax forms for their timely payment.

Tax gets calculated first, and then the payments get made.

The practice of collecting and managing cash flows is cash management and is vital for businesses. It is an essential component of a company’s financial stability in business.

It is essential to have the bills of the finances that gets provided by this system.

A fixed asset is a long-term item that is not expected to be utilized or sold within a year.

Automated invoices also get generated; thus, reducing the workload of manual reports.

After the invoice gets made, it gets provided to the vendors.

The four core modules of Forsa ERP’s Account Management Software are following:

 Groups Sub-module integrates the fixed assets and inventory to manage the accounts of all the products efficiently.

It creates ledgers of all the purchased sales orders and adds itself to the database for the record.

The journal entry of the finances helps to keep the record of every sale and purchase. It keeps updating after every order, and the admin can quickly overview it anytime.

The accounts report gets comprised of all the purchases, sales, procurement, inventory and production. The accounts manager can make certain remarks and take necessary action for the system upgrade.

Free Account Management Software is very significant in today’s world to make a business grow. This software works explicitly to enhance the company’s productivity and upgrade the system from time to time.

Forsa ERP has introduced this software and its efficient features to assist the accounts manager in their work. It is essential for the company to take advantage of all these features, so nothing stays behind in this process. It also helps in keeping a close eye on all the vendor’s and their business requirements.

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