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Production management is one of the complex tasks. The process involves people, raw material, equipment, and many other processes to complete a production process. The process of production can be simpler but in most cases, it’s complex and requires many sub-processes to finalize a final product.

To overcome all the difficulties we at Forsa ERP presenting an entirely integrated production management system to assist you to program, execute, report, trace, and complete command on your production. The software is flexible to provide visibility during the production process. The system is integrated it includes all the stakeholders such as supply chain, suppliers, raw materials, labor, and all the production procedures.

The system is safe and secure, the software is capable of controlling the whole process of production. The software is integrated and cloud-based, so control over the software is no more a difficult task.

Production management starts with the decision-making relevant to production procedures that all the precautions have been taken and the final product or the services are as per requirement or according to the required standard. ForsaERP is an inclusive solution for the production either the production is to complete some order or to fill the stock.

Planning & Scheduling

The planning and scheduling section in the production module lets you immediately spot and fix the deficiencies of the items in the stock. The system will enable you to plan and make schedules for all the released or in-process stock orders. The admin can add multiple schedules to the system, these schedules are saved in the system. The production software generates alerts whenever a plan or schedule is being added to the system. Planning and scheduling are vital parts of production management because these are the initial steps of product formation.

erp dashboard
erp dashboard

Work Order

Forsa ERP includes the section work order in the production module to manage the activities and work order information. The software combines the entire work order process. The work order process includes the releasing date, pickup date, material pickup, booking, quantity, receipts and bills, and costs. The admin can generate multiple work orders, these work orders are saved in the system. The system permits the admin to add, modify or delete any of the work orders as per requirements. The ERP system is integrated and cloud-based so the results of any alteration areas are directly shipped to the desired section.

Product Manufacturing

The section product manufacturing encircles the planning, control, material purchases, inventory, manufacturing, and costs. The fleet management software involves the tracking of the product based on cost and division of the product. The Forsa ERP production management system can track the product deadlines and view the equipment transactions. The section will permit the admin to add the receipts and bills of the materials, the admin can assign roles to the production department to add the details of the products to the system. The system is integrated so the file added from any section will be saved in the database.

erp dashboard
erp dashboard


The performance management software of Forsa ERP involves the features of file sharing, contact lists, and shared calendars. The different teams working on the different parts of the product can input information into the system. All the others teams can view information whenever needed. The system is capable of receiving multiple file-sharing at a time. The management can add, view, or delete any of the files shared. The file-sharing utility enhances productivity and adds efficiency to the work.

Team communication

The communication is more convenient with the team communication section, the Forsa ERP introduces a built-in application along with the production management software. The software permits the employees to communicate with each other smoothly without any delay. The employees are registered to the application through their employment IDs, the admin assigns roles to the employees to restrict the use of the application. The section communication includes the team dashboard, a dashboard is the software solution for every individual team to use the production management software. Every team has its dashboard so the results made by any team are easily tracked and recorded.

erp dashboard
erp dashboard

Project Resource

The production management is incomplete without the declaration of resource management. The section includes all planned and scheduled resources and the cost consumed in the execution of these processes. The software permits the admin to allocate a specific amount of resources for everyone to make sure that everyone has the right quantity of resources. The admin assigns the resources to the teams or the individuals. The admin can assign more than one resource to the teams per project requirements.

Project Budget

The Forsa ERP will track all your expenses and will provide thorough reports on the project budget. The section project budget generates the budget reports of the expenses on a weekly, monthly basis. These project reports describe the overall view of the project regarding profit or loss. These reports can be generated easily, the admin generates these reports on demand.  The project budget dashboard is also used to generate these reports. These dashboards are accessible by the teams working on the project. The results of the resorts are directly shipped in the desired sections.

erp dashboard
erp dashboard


Reports are very vital for the success of production management. The reports will let you know about the deficiencies and issues that need to be addressed quickly. For a detailed insight into your project progress, you would need reports. Forsa ERP embedding the reporting section here in the production management to get the data about previous projects and ideas about upcoming projects. The system enables the admin to generate customizable reports. The reports can be created such as expenses, completed tasks, project budget, and the team evaluation report. These reports are a quick overview of the projects and the best-performing teams as well. The management can take action or change the plan if things are not following the required standards. These reports are generated on the demand of the admin, the role of these reports is very critical. The reports are directly influenced by the productivity and growth of the organizations.