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From details about the first contact with customers all the way up until invoicing, track and manage all sales activities with Forsa ERP’s all-inclusive

Forsa ERP has introduced an ideal solution for all the ERP challenges. Sales Management is an essential factor of every company, and it must not get subjected to mistakes. For this purpose, Sales Management System gets utilized to keep track of all the sales as well. It is mandatory to record all the sales in a centralized system because data should not get lost. This problem was common in the manual method; therefore, this system got introduced.

This software gets comprised of five modules that help in conducting a smooth sales process. It also reduces working time, unlike the manual system. Each sub-module carries a benefit that simplifies all the sales-related processes. Moreover, it also integrates all the sales-related information in one place.

The centralized system helps in checking the information without wasting time. These sub-modules include the: Sales Quotation sub-module, Sales Order sub-module, Process Delivery sub-module, Sales Invoice sub-module, and Sales Return sub-module.

The modules of the Sales Management System take care of all the sales orders and deliveries. Its purpose is to track all the quotas, orders, deliveries, invoices and returns of the products. Only with the help of this comprehensive system, an efficient sales process gets completed. It also maintains the customer relationship with the company. As a result, it increases customers’ trust in the company, which eventually increases sales.

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Sales Quotation Sub-Module: This module keeps track of all the quotations of products and services. These quotations must get secured and recorded as they are an essential asset to the company. Moreover, the quote of product gets mentioned with the client, which makes it very competitive.

Sales Order Sub-Module: Sales Management Software also provides an efficient module. i.e., sales order. Once the sales quotation is acquired, the client makes the purchase, and the order gets placed. This module also enables the admin to create a database of all past orders. It helps them to oversee all sales from one location. The price, order date, quantity and customer’s name also get enlisted in the database.

Process Delivery Sub-Module: It allows the admin to process the delivery once the order gets placed. All the details of the product, shipment and customer gets mentioned. It also enables location tracking. The customer and firm both can check the delivery status of the product with this feature.

Sales Invoice Sub-Module: This module automatically generates the sales invoice of the product once the sale gets completed. The automated system eliminates the risk of manual errors, thus; making it an efficient method. It also means that the firm doesn’t need to store any papers and documents of sales as well.

Sales Return Sub-Module: This feature of Software for Sales Management allows to manage the products that get returned. Once the product gets returned, the database gets updated.

Planning, hiring, training, organizing, managing, and directing an organization’s sales staff is the part of sales management. This software provides control of the sales force and plans the whole sales process. It also ensures that the company’s objectives also get carried out. The sales process is arguably more important than any other group in a business. The reason is that it has a direct influence on an organization’s income.

The sales software provides a quick snapshot of where each customer is in the sales process. This data assists in determining the following measures to take to clinch a deal. Sales Management System allows maintaining a close check on new offers. It also provides the feature of making the best deals with the vendors. Finally, it also makes it easier to understand how much of the company’s projected income is nearing completion.

Forsa ERP’s software provides multiple advantages, which get given below:

Integrated business procedures: Once all the sales procedures get combined, it effectively performs the entire process.

Strategic decision-making: A firm can assure a successful success rate by working with a standardized procedure and proper strategies.

Real-time information: A firm needs to stay updated on providing the latest information to its customers.

Sales forecasting: It gets done by ensuring the use of the latest trends in the sales process; thus, improving product quality.

Customer management: The company gets down on its reputation if they don’t work on customer management. Sales Management Software retains the customers for a longer run.

Ease of implementation: It is a simplified process that doesn’t require any challenging skills to acquire.

Merging of departments: All departments. i.e., finance, accounting, HR, procurement and sales get combined in a centralized location. It helps in making proper decisions.

Forsa ERP’s software and its module efficiently handle all the sales processes. Moreover, it also provides a great insight into the company’s progress so far. It maintains the company-customer relationship and analyzes the strategies which need to get balanced.

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